PCREEE Sustainable Energy Entrepreneurship Facility (PSEEF)

The establishment of the PSEEF is to address the challenges in the sustainable energy industry of the PICTs  and help boost the capacity of the local private sector to actively participate in the sustainable energy market and contribute to meeting the nation’s energy policy targets. 

PSEEF is a seed funding dedicated to Programme Area 1 of the PCREEEE Business Plan: 2020-2030. The support will be in relation to the following broad areas:  

  1. Business mentoring  Technical Assistance (TA) to people who wants to start a new business, those whose business are already operating and those who are already established in some business and wants to branch out and extend their businesses to cover sustainable energy.    
  2. Financial support by way of a subsidy to increase RE&EE business opportunities and access to funding for local companies and industry
  3. Support in providing a platform for the national sustainable energy industry associations to access funding support and establish business and funding partnerships within and outside their country of operation.  
  4. Support to the contributions of the national and regional sustainable energy industry associations to the national and regional policy and regulatory formulation process of governments and regional agencies. 


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