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GN-SEC "One for All" Sustainable Energy Library

The non-availability of reliable and updated quality information and knowledge is a major barrier for the uptake of sustainable energy and climate technology (SECTs) markets in developing countries. Particularly, in least developed countries (LDCs) and small island developing states (SIDS) domestic key stakeholders (e.g. policy makers, entrepreneurs, project developers, suppliers) have difficulties to access information on latest technology innovations, lessons learned, as well as practical templates and tools. Simultaneously, for international partners it is difficult to access knowledge on the specific conditions and latest developments in these countries. In this context, the GN-SEC centers agreed to establish a joint knowledge platform which will be expanded throughout the next years. The platform will bring together the generated knowledge by all GN-SEC centers.

Post date Title Year Publishedsort descending Centre
02 Feb, 2016 Presentation - Utility Demand-Side Management: International Perspective PCREEE-PRDR
30 Nov, 2018 ECOWAS Sustainable Energy Journal (First publication, 2018) ECREEE
03 Mar, 2015 Draft Vanuatu National Energy Policy Framework PCREEE-PRDR
13 Feb, 2015 Public Utilities Board Visit Report PCREEE-PRDR
27 Jul, 2015 Sustainable Energy Industry Development Project - Environment and Social Management Framework PCREEE-PRDR
23 Mar, 2015 Outer Island Energy Development in RMI through North-REP PCREEE-PRDR
25 Mar, 2015 Electricity (Amendment) Act 2010 [Act No. 37 of 2010], Tonga PCREEE-PRDR
25 May, 2016 Kiribati Country Report PCREEE-PRDR
08 Dec, 2020 Estrategia Energética Sustentable 2030 de los países del SICA SICREEE
16 May, 2015 Guide to the EU-GIZ ACSE Programmes PCREEE-PRDR
26 Apr, 2016 EU-GIZ ACSE: Solomon Islands Concept Note on Solar Grid Smart System Installation in 2 Schools PCREEE-PRDR
30 Nov, 2018 La revue des énergies durables de la CEDEAO (Première édition, 2018) ECREEE
08 Jun, 2021 Side Event SICREEE - CILCS SICREEE
21 Apr, 2016 EU-GIZ ACSE, PNG Concept Note: Community-based Solar Farm Project PCREEE-PRDR
02 Feb, 2016 Presentation - Retrofit Programs in Public Buildings: Case Studies from Lao PDR and the Philippines. PCREEE-PRDR
27 Apr, 2022 Agenda - Webinar "Eficiencia energética y reducción de costos en el sector industrial" SICREEE
20 May, 2019 Fuel Pricing in Fiji PCREEE-PRDR
27 May, 2015 Supporting documents to the PRDR SE4ALL Work PCREEE-PRDR
04 May, 2016 Process Used for the Development of the National Energy Policies in Pacific Island Countries PCREEE-PRDR
02 Feb, 2016 Presentation - Overview of the PEEP2 Project PCREEE-PRDR
14 Mar, 2017 Togo Country Report- GIS Hydropower Resource Mapping and Climate Change Scenarios for the ECOWAS Region ECREEE
23 Oct, 2020 Plan d’Actions National pour la Politique d'intégration du Genre dans l'Accès à l'Energie ECREEE
30 May, 2019 EU - GIZ ACSE: Fiji Energy Hybrid Power Project -- Concept Note PCREEE-PRDR
08 Nov, 2021 Gender Perspective Women´s Participaction in the Energy Sector - CECACIER SICREEE
27 Jan, 2016 Plan to open a Pacific Center for Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency at Nuku'alofa, Tonga PCREEE-PRDR
26 Apr, 2016 EU-GIZ ACSE: Tuvalu Concept Note on Community-based Biogas Scheme PCREEE-PRDR
21 Apr, 2016 Action for the Development of Marshall Islands Renewable Energies (ADMIRE) - UNDP Project Document PCREEE-PRDR
14 Mar, 2017 Niger Country Report- GIS Hydropower Resource Mapping and Climate Change Scenarios for the ECOWAS Region ECREEE
09 May, 2017 Media releases PCREEE-PRDR
04 Feb, 2016 Jaluit Wind Mast Site Installation and Commissioning Report PCREEE-PRDR
02 Feb, 2016 Presentation - Promoting Energy Efficiency in the Pacific Phase 2 (PEEP2) PCREEE-PRDR
14 Aug, 2018 Regional progress report on renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy access in ECOWAS region - Monitoring year 2016 ECREEE
06 Apr, 2022 Energy Fiji Limited - Annual Report 2020 PCREEE-PRDR
19 Jul, 2019 Regional progress report on renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy access in the ECOWAS region - Monitoring year 2017 ECREEE
08 Nov, 2021 Gender Mainstreaming - Case Study (EN - ES) by Hivos SICREEE
02 Aug, 2016 Project Document: Maldives Renewable Energy Technology Development and Application Project (RETDAP) PCREEE-PRDR
13 May, 2021 Presentaciones del primer foro y dialogo de alto nivel SICREEE 12 de mayo SICREEE
02 Feb, 2016 PNG Country Presentation - PEE2 Final Workshop PCREEE-PRDR
01 Jul, 2021 Proyecto de tren eléctrico obtiene financiamiento del Fondo Verde del Clima SICREEE
13 Aug, 2021 Ciclo de Webinars de OLADE: Aseguramiento Energético para las Islas. Presentaciones del SICREEE SICREEE
05 May, 2016 Planning And Economic Development: Tobolar Copra Processing Authority PCREEE-PRDR
02 Feb, 2016 Presentation - Energy Efficiency in PIC Government Complexes: Palau and Fiji PCREEE-PRDR
19 Jul, 2019 Blueprint guide for creating gender-sensitive energy policies ECREEE
08 Nov, 2021 Good Practices in Gender Equity - Case Study by Hivos SICREEE
12 Nov, 2015 Lighting Maps of Vanuatu PCREEE-PRDR
01 Jul, 2021 The GN-SEC covering Central America through the SICREEE (SICA Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency) SICREEE
21 Jul, 2021 Presentaciones y grabación del Diálogo Regional de Energía y Género: Alcanzando la Última Milla SICREEE
29 May, 2015 EU-GIZ ACSE: Kiribati Concept Notes PCREEE-PRDR
27 Mar, 2015 Kiribati Customs Tariff Schedule PCREEE-PRDR
16 May, 2015 EU-GIZ ACSE Programme Brief PCREEE-PRDR
20 Mar, 2015 Niue Atomic Energy Act 1945 1945 PCREEE-PRDR
20 Mar, 2015 Electric Power Supply Ordinance 1960 1960 PCREEE-PRDR
15 Jun, 2016 Cook Islands Statistic Act 1966 1966 PCREEE-PRDR
16 Jun, 2016 Cook Islands Control of Price Act 1966 1966 PCREEE-PRDR
17 Apr, 2015 Tuvalu Petroleum Ordinance 1968 PCREEE-PRDR
15 Jun, 2016 Statistics Amendment Act 1970 1970 PCREEE-PRDR
17 Apr, 2015 Fiji Public Health Act 1970 PCREEE-PRDR
16 Jun, 2016 Cook Islands Control of Prices Amendment Act 1971 - 1972 1972 PCREEE-PRDR